F.A.Q & Testimonials

Hi Guys, quick note to thankyou for your services and quick delivery of my intake for the VE Ute. fitted in 15 minutes as already had a pod filter setup on there. Cheers for your great help trying to locate the parcel for me, the delay in arriving came from the volcano ash in the sky, nothing to do with you guys and did turn up when you said it would. Ive attached two photos and if you like to use then for what ever go for it, now to work out how to do the review thing on ebay. Thanks alot guys for your Support / Service & Orssom product.

Kingsley Broadie

Hi Orssom Performance Team. Well what can I say, the name says it all Orssom Performance. Had the car dyno’d today and it pickup 22kw’s from your intake alone. NO TUNE. We logged the Air temps and they where approx 3 degrees above ambient opposed to 16 degrees with the stock Holden crap on it. Took the car for a run and it feels strong, super responsive and the induction sounds Orssom lol. Great product and great service will recommend your intake to anyone with a VE. Had another companies intake on it previous to yours and filter kept popping out of it and dirt got behind i and into the throttle body, I wasn’t happy with it at all. They also promised me around 30kw and it made only 23kw. Thanks guys.

Alan Hastings

Hello CAI. Thanks for sending my kit so promptly. I have fitted it and it looks good and sounds good too. Sent some pics to add to your South African gallery. Thanks for a great product.

Wayne Sharp

Hi guys, I was blown away when I received your package this morning for my new VF. This is absolute best customer service and follow up I have seen and I have been in sales for nearly 30 years. Thanks so much for sending out the new Stainless VF brackets, I’ll put them on this weekend. I’ll let you know how I get on with the Dyno figures. Thanks again for all your assistance.

Dave Evans

Received my V8 intake today, the product was easy to fit and looks great not to mention the performance boost. (1st and 2nd is scary good). I'm all ways a bit nervous about ordering anything online but the quality & initial advice I received from you guys Plus the You Tube videos gave me the confidence and I'm glad I got one. Great product, great service, very happy with it, really compliments my new exhaust system. Ill be letting everyone know about CAI and the Orssom OTR. Would just like to thank you guys there.

Brad Osborne

Morning guys. Late last month I brought a Gen 4 OTR CAI for my VE SS from you guys. Attached are some photos of the engine and the dash showing just how well it works. I am so pleased with my purchase and am astounded at how much of a difference it makes to the overall performance of the car. This should be standard equipment on all new cars!!! I brag about your product to all my mates and tell them to get one for their cars, so hopefully they will!!! Many, many, thanks.

Dale Shand